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The Leeuwin Group

The Leeuwin Group (TLG) is an independent group of concerned scientists who are committed to the conservation and protection of Western Australia's biodiversity and natural environment.

TLG's purpose is to: Provide high-level independent scientific commentary and advice on environmental matters to Government, industry, environmental organisations and managers.

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The Leeuwin Group attempts to nominate 'The Kwongkan (Southwest Australia)' to the national heritage list

In February 2017, The Leeuwin Group nominated 'The Kwongkan (Southwest Australia)' for listing in the National Heritage List. The supporting paper can be downloaded in the 'Download Documents' tab. The nomination covered all National Parks and Class A Nature Reserves in the south west of Western Australia within the global biodiversity hotspot. However, the Heritage Branch of the Department of the Environment and Heritage deemed the nomination ineligible, stating that they have legal advice that maintained that the 'location, area or region' (referred to in the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (Cth) definition) must be geographically proximate and that two or more locations, areas or regions, etc., with no geographical proximity would not come within the ordinary meaning of a 'place', and so a nomination proposing two or more such scattered areas as one 'place' would be ineligible for the list. This is despite the EPBC Act stating that a 'place' includes 'a location, area or region or a number of locations, areas or regions'. The Leeuwin Group understands that many nominations to the national heritage list have been refused recently and considers that the National Heritage List is not fulfilling the purpose intended.

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